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Our Purpose & Mission


Our calling is a ministry of service. Service to Pastors & ministers, Service to Individuals, Service to Families, Service to the Church, Service to outdoor enthusiasts & Service to the Community around us. 

Our first & primary calling is to be a service to pastors & ministers. The life of one called to be in full-time ministry as a pastor, minister or missionary is one with great purpose and reward. However, it has never been an easy life. In this world of technology, information & communication is at our fingertips & in our pockets. Technology was supposed to make life easier, so we wouldn’t have to work so hard. Instead, it has only speeded up life and made everything more accessible. This world is going non-stop, but even more so for those in ministry. Because of the demands of those in ministry they are on call 24/7. So many people depend on them, not only to inspire them but to lead, council & comfort them in times of crisis, sickness, and death. Thus those in ministry find it hard to have quiet time or even a good night’s sleep. They are on an emotional roller coaster. They experience both the best life has to offer and the worst, many times one right after the other.

The purpose of Stones of Remembrance is to provide a place to rest your body, renew your mind, re-ignite your spirit, where you can reconnect with your family and remember who you are in Christ.

It is a place away from the busyness of town and work, in a rural setting with a lake. We encourage guests to put away their devices.

Guest have access to a lake & the surrounding property to provide restful recreation such as fishing, kayaking, archery, Horseshoes, nature walks, bird watching, photography & just enjoying God’s creation. This allows much time for prayer, inspiration, and reflection. Restful activity that refreshes not activity that leaves one exhausted.


Our goal is to provide this for those in ministry at little or no expense nor financial obligation. We trust God to lead our other guests & those who help support Stones of Remembrance to donate in such a way making this possible.

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